There is a new mayor in Manila who is being pressured to send an elderly zoo elephant on a trek that could end her life, and we urgently need your help to stop it.

We’ve told you about Mali before, she’s a 45-year-old Asian elephant who lives at the Manila Zoo, in the Philippines. A “gift” presented by the Sri Lankan government to former president Imelda Marcos, for the children of the Philippines, Mali has spent almost her entire life alone at the zoo.

Sadly, at this point in Mali’s life, the zoo or another special habitat in the Philippines are the only humane options for her to live out her life in peace.

But now, Mali’s situation is coming to a head. She is in serious danger!

Unfortunately and dangerously, other – no doubt – well-meaning interests are lobbying the new mayor to force Mali into an arduous journey to Thailand to “rescue” her – 1,400 grueling miles over land and sea, that will almost certainly kill her! At a much younger age, this was a viable option which we supported. It no longer is. We must, we will, fight this!

The GREAT NEWS is that the new mayor (Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso) wants to do what’s right for Mali. He is seeking expert advice, which NFA has provided.

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MaliWe aim to meet with the new mayor soon to reinforce our humane position.

NFA has regularly helped Mali by providing sand for her enclosure, funding blood tests, bringing in special treats and food, and consulting with the zoo on the specifics of a new and much larger enclosure – and environmental enrichment activities. We check on her regularly. We are pledged to continue to do all of this.

You and I both know that whenever possible, wild animals belong protected and free in their natural habitats… not zoos.

Mali, though, is so old. She’s already more than double the average age of a captive Asian elephant. Although she is in good health for her age, her days are likely numbered. Her caretakers in the Philippines are the only family she’s known for nearly half a century.

Now, it’s crunch time.

With your help, we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure Mali’s proper care, and will represent you when we meet with the new mayor.

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A trip to Thailand is practically guaranteed to end Mali’s life. Please be the voice of common sense for the new mayor. Please, donate today, and help us keep Mali safe.

Your generosity will protect Mali from those who seek publicity by “saving” her, PLUS free us to work closely with the Manila Zoo director, to quadruple the size of Mali’s enclosure, and move it to a quiet spot in the zoo (or elsewhere in-country).

You will also help fill Mali’s home with sand and grass and trees, and keep the faces, sounds, and smells familiar: where no one will EVER force her to leave.

To ensure that this noble and majestic elephant can live out her days in peace and dignity – NOT dead in the middle of some 1,400-mile journey – is the least we can do.

Don’t let them take her!

Please, help us today to keep Mali from the death trek. Help the new mayor of Manila to do what’s right. And make these last years of Mali’s life comfortable in the one place she knows as home. Give generously for Mali now – today.

Thank you so, so much for caring about Mali and all of earth’s amazing creatures.

For the animals,

Brian, Gloria, Max and Flora

Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

Mali MeetingP.S. BREAKING NEWS: In a recent meeting, the new zoo director Alipio S. Morabe Jr. was very receptive to our input on what needs to happen for Mali now, to keep her safe and as comfortable as possible. The director gave clear, straightforward answers and we are now working FULL OUT to see that she gets a much more spacious enclosure with more enrichment, and above all, is kept from the 1,400-mile DEATH TREK to Thailand that will almost certainly mean her death. We are making progress but we MUST remain on the ground to make this happen! You’ve been such a friend to Mali already. Please donate what you are able now to help us help her.