Wildfires have swept through Greece, killing scores of people and countless animals. This is the story of one poor victim. We don’t know her real name, but we renamed her Scar, for obvious reasons. Poor Scar was hideously burned in a fire.

Her entire belly had the flesh seared from it… her nipples were hanging off and her legs a mass of burnt flesh.

Scar in Greece

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In ghastly, almost unimaginable pain, she fled from the flames. I can only imagine the suffering poor Scar went through. She ran, driven by pain and fear, for 45 minutes until she was rescued in the town of Anavyssos.

My partner organisation Ghost Dogs, rushed Scar to a vet where she is undergoing intensive treatment. She is bearing terrible agony with great bravery and she has a good chance of making a full recovery.

Hundreds of animals were caught in the fires which were so intense they destroyed an entire town and overwhelmed Greek rescue services.

Many poor animals were trapped inside homes when their owners fled, others searched desperately for escape routes, only to meet a terrible death as the fires seared their bodies.

Those who did survive often suffered ghastly injuries…

They need medical care, food, shelter and love. Time is of the essence!

Greece Fires

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I have promised I will help as many of these poor animals as I possibly can. But, I need your help TODAY to rush assistance to Greece. Please if you possibly can, donate now because the animals need our help so badly.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. I help animals all around the world, but my heart goes out to these poor victims of a terrible tragedy. I need to provide medicine NOW, please help the animals if you can.