This is an EMERGENCY APPEAL! Time is of the essence.

Hundreds of stray dogs are being rounded up and slaughtered in Morocco! To please FIFA!


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Dogs in the town of Agadir are being shot in cold blood, falling injured to the ground and being dragged away – living or dead – and thrown into the back of a truck and dumped.

The streets are being “cleaned up” by Moroccan authorities to make a good impression on a visiting delegation from the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), who are to assess Morocco as a suitable candidate to host the 2026 soccer World Cup.

Hundreds of surviving dogs are crammed into a shelter designed to hold 30, without enough food or medicine. If they venture outside they will be shot.

Network for Animals condemns this wicked situation. Please join us in writing to FIFA.

Morocco is doing it for FIFA, and FIFA must ask them to stop.

Please act urgently, sign our petition now. And please donate what you can immediately.

Last week shocked residents in Agadir were alerted by gunshots on the streets. Gunmen were systematically shooting the dogs “without any mercy or accuracy,” according to an eye witness.

The dogs were then dragged away by their hind legs squealing in agony
and leaving a trail of blood.


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As I write this, the slaughter continues, these brutes don’t care whether the dogs are pets or not. The authorities say that any dog that is not in a house will be shot.

The local mayor was asked to stop the horror. Instead he used his bodyguards to block protests. Two small puppies and two “officially tagged” dogs were killed then and there.

The few rescued and injured dogs, many with horrific injuries, require desperate veterinary attention, rehabilitation and food. Association la Coeur fur la patte, a small shelter is taking the injured animals.

The shelter was built for 30 dogs and now has over 300. We urgently need to get the dogs food and medicine.

Again, this is an EMERGENCY. Please sign our petition to FIFA and give generously so I can get emergency aid to dogs in distress in Morocco.

FIFA Morroco

The shootings are scheduled to continue for the rest of the week or even longer until no more dogs are seen on the streets. Local sources have indicated that the order to kill targets 500 dogs, it is estimated that 40 to 50 dogs are being killed every night.

The dogs of Morocco need you and we don’t have much time, so if you possibly can please donate now and help us save them.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. I can’t express this strongly enough. This is an emergency. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. The lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dogs hang in the balance. Together we can stop this massacre. Together we can provide essential veterinary care, rehabilitation and food. Please act now and be as generous as you possibly can.