Dogs and other animals are victims of an epidemic of terrible animal cruelty that is sweeping Greece.

Dogs are routinely chained, starved, beaten
and even beheaded!

According to government television, more than 870,000 animals suffered abuse in Greece last year. Police say the number of reported cases has doubled in two years and noted that only a very small percentage of cases are reported to them.

Dogs in particular are victims of vicious evil cruelty. As just one example, two weeks ago, seven puppies were beheaded and left at the entrance of the small village of Lampro.

Tragically, pets are thrown away when they become old or too expensive to feed or, unbelievably, simply because a cute puppy has become “too much trouble.” We ask ourselves what kind of monster could behead a puppy just to get rid of it? Network for Animals is on the ground in Greece and with its partner Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos, is feeding, medically treating and helping rehome street dogs.

Ghost Dogs Chester

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Aspropyrgos is a large area just outside Athens, a hodge-podge of gypsy camps, abandoned buildings and wasteland. It’s easy for Athenians to drive there, open their car doors and throw their dogs out. And that’s what they do. There are hundreds of abandoned dogs in Aspropyrgos and we try to care for them all.

Dogs like Chester…

Ghost Dogs Chester

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He is the cutest little fellow, not even a year old, but someone broke his leg, dumped him and left him to die. When he was rescued, he bravely stood up and licked the hand that rescued him.

We are paying for his medical treatment and that of others just like him. Right now, we have four dogs with broken legs being treated at the same veterinary clinic as Chester. Victims of the astonishing wave of cruelty sweeping Greece.

No one know why humans have abused 870 000 animals in. one year but we do know that we have to fight it until humanity prevails.

For animal lovers like you and us, we can’t ignore a situation where puppies are beheaded or have their legs broken as they are thrown away, like Chester. All we can do is help as many animals as we possibly can and I need your help to do it. Please if you possibly can give generously to Network for Animals today.

Ghost Dogs Team

For the animals,

Brian, Gloria and Max

Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max)
Founder and CEO

P.S. We are not going to stand idly by without fighting for the nearly million animals suffering cruelty each year in Greece. We have instructed our team to put pressure on the Greek government to crack down on animal abuse. You can help us by making a generous donation today.