In the small Serbian town of Niš is a place that makes my heart glow. It’s called Zoo Planet. It’s a wonderful haven where kind volunteers rescue, rehabilitate and release mostly small wild animals.

But Zoo Planet has a problem. As more and more people learn about the good work it does, more and more animals arrive and not all of them can be released into the neighbouring countryside – two rescued roebuck for example would never make it on their own because roebuck hunting is legal in Serbia.

The animals need food and medical supplies and Zoo Planet needs more land. We have promised to help, but we can only do so with the support of animal lovers like you.

Animals from all over Serbia are taken to Zoo Planet because it’s one of only two places in the country licensed to care for animals, like foxes, eagles and deer. A sadistic child had broken the pigeon’s wings and legs leaving it in agony!

While my team was visiting Zoo Planet, a woman arrived with an injured pigeon in a cardboard box. The woman had driven 150 miles (240 kilometres) from Belgrade because she knew Zoo Planet would help when no one else would.

Storky will know freedom again, a new chance of life on one leg.

Zoo Planet

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The pigeon is going to be fine. He will join eagles, storks, donkeys, horses, goats and deer, who get amazing care at Zoo Planet.

The rescuer took a lot of trouble to save one pigeon, but that’s who people like you and I are, we care about every animal life.

Animals like Dana, a pig born with useless rear legs. Dana was about to be killed when Zoo Planet rescued her. They are treating wounds caused by her dragging herself along on the ground and soon they will fit her with a trolley to enable her to become mobile. She will be cared for, for the rest of her life.

Then there’s Storky, a (you guessed it) a Serbian stork. Her leg was so badly injured it had to be amputated. She’s a one-legged wonder who will make it in the wild once her leg has healed. Zoo Planet is surrounded by forest and countryside, so animals like Storky have a real chance.

Somebody gave the shelters some horses. Now, volunteers use those horses to take special needs children on gentle rides.

These are really good people, working hard to help animals, just like you and me.

Zoo Planet

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NFA has promised to help Zoo Planet buy food and build a war chest so they can buy the land they’re presently renting. Please, if you are the kind of person who understands why someone would drive 150 miles to save a pigeon, and I know you are, please donate today so that Network for Animals can help the innocent creatures who live in Serbia’s countryside.

For the animals,

Brian, Gloria and Max

Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Perhaps you are wondering how Zoo Planet is going to save the roebuck. They are colonizing local woodland where the tiny animals can safely live without fear of hunters. Who knows, if you make a donation today, it might help two sweet roebuck to start a family. We love happy families!