These graphic pictures show you the utter cruelty to dogs that happens in the European country of Montenegro…

This poor dog was tortured and hung…
while the monsters broadcast its suffering on social media!

Lucky Montenegro

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Sadly, this barbarity is not an isolated incident, casual cruelty is commonplace, such as the father and daughter who tore a dog in two and posted the horror on the internet.

Our team is working in Montenegro to fight for the dogs. But we desperately need your help. The dogs need your help. Many local people see street dogs as pests and their solution is to indiscriminately throw poisoned meat to the animals.

Poison can be bought legally over the counter and has devastating effects on the dogs that eat it, making them collapse, froth at the mouth and suffer a slow painful death.

This is exactly what (almost) happened to a dog we now call Lucky.

When we found him, the poor terrified creature was bleeding from his nose and too weak to move.

We rushed him to a vet and are thrilled to say he survived.

There are thousands of street dogs not so lucky as Lucky suffering in Montenegro.

Lucky Montenegro

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There are only five animal shelters in the country and they are poorly funded and understaffed. Dogs live in awful conditions and constant fear. Most have no shelter and in winter’s freezing rains, all they can do is huddle together for some warmth.

We support the few animal activists that fight tirelessly to make local municipalities do their job and care for street dogs. And we help financially and with building materials and equipment when we can.

We need to expand our efforts to care for street dogs and we need your help to do so. If you can find it in your heart, please donate today to save the dogs of Montenegro.

For the animals,

Brian, Gloria and Max

Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max)
Founder and CEO

P.S. With our supporters help, we are making a difference in Montenegro. We have reached a deal with one of the five shelters, the Nikšić town shelter. They stopped killing dogs and in return we provided water tanks, fencing and kennels. So many dogs can be saved, but only if people like you, contribute to Network for Animals to allow us to continue our work. Please, will you be as generous as you can today?