As we type these words to you, a monster Category 4 hurricane called Florence continues to barrel across the Atlantic with 130 mile an hour winds and the US East Coast in its crosshairs.

Florence is a massive storm nearly 200 hundred miles wide, poised to deliver a catastrophic blow to the animals and people of the Carolinas over the next several days.

Yet at this VERY moment, in the face of the storm, brave local shelters like our friends at the Charleston Animal Society are doing the amazing.

They are welcoming in animal evacuees ahead of the storm to keep them safe and alive!

We know the storm hasn’t yet made landfall. But workers on the ground urgently need our help as they stretch the limits of their shelters and volunteers to save animals.

Please could you help buy a can or a case of dog or cat food, or enough for emergency water and medical supplies for Florence’s animal evacuees?

Network for Animals will donate every penny raised
to the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) to help the animals of Florence.

Make a Donation:


That’s 100% of your donations during these next, urgent days for evacuation, rescue, care, and reuniting, just as we did after Hurricane Harvey!

Our first check via electronic transfer will be sent in just hours.

We’ve been in contact with our friends at CAS and since last week they have been activated at both state and local levels, and we need to tell you:

Due to the terrifying scope and predicted disastrous “triple threat” of this storm – wind, rain and storm surge – we may need to reach out to you again.

Right now, if you possibly can, please rush your donation ahead of the storm to help heroic local shelters welcome, feed, and care for frightened evacuee animals…

Tomorrow morning, when storm surges reach a story high or higher and the full wrath of Florence is unleashed during landfall, we may be back in contact for urgent assistance to help first responders…

Then over the weekend and beyond, as this monster storm stalls like Hurricane Harvey, and we continue support work to save abandoned animals from as much as 40 inches of rain and raging floodwaters I may need to be in touch again.

We must start immediately to help our friends in the Carolinas at the Charleston Animal Society, which are already opening their doors and arms to evacuee animals – and are poised to do everything necessary to save animal lives.

Hurricane Florence

Make a Donation:


With your generous help we will continue to donate 100% of whatever more you might you give during Florence directly to rescue and relief efforts for the animals.

Every penny raised!

The more help resources we can send them, the more lifesaving work they will be able to do.
Please give whatever you possibly can. We hate to think of even one little life left behind.

We’ll email again as soon as we know more. Thank you so much. If you are in the storm’s path please stay safe!

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. As a faithful friend to Network for Animals, you know we partner very carefully and only with proven local organizations working on the ground in areas of desperate need to maximize your support. Charleston Animal Society (CAS) is one such organization, and it’s why we have pledged that 100% of the money raised during Florence will go to help them. Since last weekend CAS has been activated at state and local levels, and working as well with national groups to organize both pre-and post-impact responses. In short, they will be the rescue and reuniting hub for Hurricane Florence, just as Houston SPCA was after Harvey. Every penny you donate during Hurricane Florence will go to CAS, who has already added five dozen evacuee animals to the more than 500 in its current care. GET THEM TO SAFETY. Please help!