Just when we think we’ve seen it all in our work to stop the brutal dog meat trade, a rescue like the one that just happened in the Philippines comes along.

FOURTEEN dogs were cruelly stuffed into an unforgiving steel crate (barely big enough for even one dog) that was bolted to a motorbike.

The dogs were suffocating and gasping and choking and crying. Still they tried to lick our fingers through the bars in a last gesture of friendship!

We’ll explain in a moment the kinds of medical needs faced by the survivors of this nightmare, but the x-ray below of one dog’s crushed leg is a clear indication.


The care required is extensive and expensive and your support of any amount now will help. Please donate generously for the dogs if you possibly can, as soon as you can.

This kind of suffering should never be.

But in the Philippines motorbikes with cage-like sidecars are a huge tip-off that dogs are being violently snatched from the streets for slaughter in the dog meat trade. Tracking these traffickers is part of our ongoing work for dogs that support like yours helps fund.

Luna and Buboy

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Together with the local police, we chased down the kidnappers and seized the dogs on the spot, extracting them one by one from that suffocating prison.

Amidst the agonized wailing of Buboy, the sweet soul with the shattered leg, we were devastated to find three dead dogs at the bottom of the cage.

As dog after dog was pushed on top of them, they’d been crushed or suffocated to death.

How we wish they’d been among the animals reaching out to us in friendship.

But, we are so thankful for donations like yours that help us make these roadside seizures. Because a miracle also happened that day.

One of the mama dogs (Luna) from the cage was pregnant –
and it looked as if her puppies were still safe inside her!

Luna and Buboy

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Out of despair, a reason to hope. A reason to be grateful.

Please, will you donate so my team and the veterinarians have the resources they need to care for the injured dogs and nurture the miracle puppies?

It’s a long road for these dogs and we know we have asked for your help before.

But if you are able to donate and help us provide for their medical care and rehabilitation it would be a godsend.

Thank you today and always for being such a friend to the dogs. We hate to think where they’d be without your love and support.

For the animals,

Brian, Gloria and Max

Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Four of Luna’s five puppies made it! The rest of the dogs are in fragile health. Buboy with the shattered leg has such bad worms that the vet wants him to regain his strength before attempting surgery. That’s him in the photo up above, not long after his rescue – sedated but weary. We’ll update you as soon as we know more, and ask if you will please speed his recovery or fund his medications with a donation now. Thank you again.