“What would the animals want me to do?”

At Network for Animals, that is the question I ask every time I consider taking on a campaign…

In Croatia, in Greece, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Cuba, the Philippines… in Malta, Montenegro, and other far-flung places, the animals are our clients thanks to you.

I’m asking because it’s time to renew your annual support of NFA for 2018.

When you renew, even if you’ve recently given, please include the most generous contribution you possibly can. This is the gift that is the backbone of all our work, all year.

Make a Donation:


Asking for donations is not something I enjoy doing. In fact, I know it would cost nothing for you to ignore my message today, nothing for you or me to ignore the cruelty inflicted on the wonderful creatures we share this planet with.

But if you can help today, in the world’s far-flung places where the big organizations tend not to go, in 2018 Network for Animals will be there. And believe me, the animals need us.

This is just a glimpse of where your renewal donation will work in the year ahead:

In the terrible dog-dumping grounds in Turkey, against everything in their sick and dying hearts, desperate dogs resort to eating puppies. Yet they still greet humans as friends, and we have time to save them! Your support today will help us continue there.

Dog disaster in Turkey as the authorities kill without mercy!

In South Africa, your support will finance canine patrols that are doing lifesaving work to stop the horrific and bloody poaching of endangered rhinos and elephants.

South Africa

In the Philippines, where defenseless dogs are being abducted from the streets and butchered for the human dinner plate in crude backstreet slaughterhouses, your early 2018 support will keep my team on the ground to bring the brutality to an end.


In Cuba, your renewal support will help us continue the fight to persuade the Cuban government to end its policy of mass poisoning street dogs, and get urgent aid to dogs there.


To protect and save animals, we’ve faced gangsters, been taken hostage, and even had our lives threatened. The danger is always worth it, because we know the animals face far worse.

So please, take a moment now and renew your support for 2018 with as generous a donation as you can.

Make a Donation:


Brian DaviesWith your help for NFA, I promise you that we will save every life we can in 2018.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. Not everyone has what it takes to be an NFA supporter. The campaigns we run often happen out of the spotlight for animals that are suffering in the saddest situations. It is easier for some people to turn away. But not you. Not NFA.

You’ve shown us that you love animals like we do, and you will never turn away when they need a friend. Please be that friend again in 2018. Thank you in advance for renewing, and thank you for caring.