The unthinkable is happening!

The tiny island of Barbuda is rubble. The Caribbean is devastated. Cuba and Puerto Rico have been besieged.

And now, horrifyingly, Hurricane Irma is about to lay a swath of destruction over the entire state of Florida.

All I can think of are the animals who will fight for their lives in the days ahead. Through hurricane-force winds, floods and in the battered communities Irma leaves in her wake.

With humane and financial resources already stretched after Harvey struck Texas, I am worried sick the animals of Hurricane Irma will be left behind.
Please help us help them?

Texas is still battling to save cats, dogs, horses and other animals after Harvey. I am so proud to say that your generosity to Network for Animals raised $60,000 to help the Houston SPCA with this massive relief effort. SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! Thank you so much.

Supporter, I will make certain whatever you send to help the animals of Hurricane Irma is used with equal, extraordinary effectiveness – not just for Florida, but for as many places impacted as we can – including in Havana, Cuba, where we partner with a dedicated local group (PAC) to help dogs and cats.

At this moment we are still firming up details on the phones, and by text and emails, with other organizations. As details progress, you’ll know as soon as I do.

If you can donate now to help the animals, I urge you to do so. This storm’s scope is immense.

Irma is one of the largest and fiercest Atlantic hurricanes ever. She made landfall as a Category 5 storm and her hurricane force wind-field is the size of Massachusetts. In some places storm surges have pushed higher than a second story window.

The media were calling her track a “cone of uncertainty.”

It is no longer uncertain.

ALL OF FLORIDA is about to be under siege!

Lack of food. Lack of fresh water. Injuries. Separation from their families. Abandonment. In the days to come these are just some of the hardships the animals of Hurricane Irma will face.

Disabled animals, homeless animals, service dogs, beloved companions. Even the loss of one precious animal to Hurricane Irma is heartbreaking! Please help now if you can.

I promise you, with every fiber in my being that with your help now and in the days and weeks ahead, Network for Animals will try to stretch every resource we have to help wherever our help is needed.

I don’t know where I or the animals would be without you.

In dark times and bright, Supporter you are such an amazing gift to this work we do. Thank you for whatever you can give. Above all, stay safe.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max),
Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max)

P.S. Supporter, would you do me just one more favor? Dedicated Network for Animals staff are based in South Florida. We are in constant contact but in the days ahead they may be in grave danger. Please keep them and their animals in your thoughts. Thank you again, with all my heart. And, again, please be as generous as you can.