What would you do if your country had turned its back on animals? As one of my key supporters, I already know the answer: you’d make a difference.

As Cuba opens its borders to foreign visitors, my team are amongst the first to shine a spotlight on their government’s approach to animal welfare. What we’re discovering is devastating, but amongst the heartbreak, we are finding hearts of gold.

We’ve already witnessed dogs being thrown into mobile vans to be poisoned with strychnine, veterinary surgeries struggling desperately with third world levels of supplies, and cat and dog populations expanding unchecked, then contracting painfully as disease takes hold.

Outside a tourist hotel in Varadero, a unique volunteer-led project is making a real difference. The APAC Varadero cat café provides water and a plate in cat-friendly shelters, where tourists may leave food left over from their restaurant meals. Until the cat cafés were built, tourists complained the cats bothered them begging for food, but they’ve now become an attraction!

As the cats become familiar with the cat café and learn to trust human contact, volunteer vets provide veterinary check-ups, and sterilize the cats to keep the population under control. But Supporter, these volunteer vets face an urgent problem: Their veterinary supplies are next to nil, and it’s almost impossible to source new equipment or medicines within Cuba. They need our help.

My team are working to secure new veterinary supplies, and transport them safely through Cuban customs (this is possibly the biggest challenge of all). Will you help us today?

· $25 can provide surgical blades and bandages.
· $50 can provide anesthetics for operations.
· $75 can provide a full neutering kit.

Supporter, please make a donation today and help us offer the animals of Cuba the healthy and safe lives that all animals deserve.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max),
Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max)