You’re well aware of the horror of the Dog Meat Trade… The terror of the pet abductions… The overwhelming humidity and heat consuming the lives of terrified animals, unable to move a muscle, let alone escape their captors… My team has fought this horror for the past eighteen years, and I’m pleased to send news  direct from my team leader Mel Alipio on the front line:

Building on our successes before Christmas, NFA Philippines performed another successful restaurant raid on 19th January with our joint raid team from the National Meat Inspection Service and the CIDG Police force. We discovered and confiscated 15 kilos of cooked dog meat from the Comiles Eatery on the Marcos Highway, just as a meal was to be served to a group of ten Korean visitors.

During the raid, our team asked the visitors if they were aware of Philippne laws preventing the sale of dog meat. They replied that they had no idea: they were ‘only there to eat’. I’m pleased to say they left hungry that night…

This was our second follow-up visit to the restaurant, after our December raid forced it’s closure and takeover. Our first visit found no dog remains at the restaurant, and Tuesday’s raid was relatively small in comparisson to past events. Our contant pressure and prosecution of offenders will eventally result in an end to the illegal serving of dogs in restaurants. I sincerely thank Network for Animals’ supporters for enabling our work. 

Mel Alipio,
Philippine Team Leader

Supporter, Mel’s life has been truly dedicated to this cause, and I hope you are able to show him your support with a generous donation. Together, we will end the dog meat trade for good.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,