In 2015, 130 cities around the world participated in protest marches for elephants and rhinos, and in just a few weeks we will march again. These global protest marches fight against against the worldwide poaching and wildlife trade, particularly in ivory and rhino horn.

On the 24th September of this year, Network for Animals will be marching in Edinburgh and London. The date is important because it marks the date of the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) conference in Johannesburg, where politicians, conservationists, and stakeholders will meet to discuss international wildlife trade. Decisions made at this CITES conference will determine the rules around the wildlife trade. Decisions made here will affect elephants and rhinos in the future.

The date is also important as new data from the Great Elephant Census tell us that African elephant numbers have dropped by 30% in only seven years. This is devastating and action must be taken to halt this tragic decline.

Network for Animals has marched with other individuals and organisations for the last few years. However this year we have supported the organisation of the Edinburgh march by providing funds for banners and literature. We will also be speaking at the event about the importance of demonstrating and volunteering for the causes we believe in. We care deeply about the welfare of elephants and rhinos and believe that protest marches like this generate attention and put pressure on political leaders to raise the profile of animal welfare.

Network for Animals will also be in London, and we encourage you to attend your nearest march. This is a global march so you will joining a worldwide call for action. You can get in touch with us for details of your nearest march or have a look at the map here to find out where your nearest march will be happening.

If you care about the future of elephants and rhinos, show this by marching for them. Join us in sending CITES a message of compassion and freedom for elephants and rhinos on the 24th September, wherever you are.