The tiny chap above is called ‘Bunny’. He was found all alone at the side of the road, and would have surely been killed or starved without the actions of the wonderful Cornwall Badger Rescue.

Their small voluntary team work wonders for badgers, and together, you and I have assisted with small grants since 2011. This has enabled rescue work, a successful vaccination scheme, and even a new trailer to replace their rickety old animal transport.

Following the devastating 2014 floods, we raised the stakes, donating £3,750. This money allowed Cornwall Badger Rescue to extend assistance to foxes, hedgehogs, and rabbits, but today sadly, their cupboard is once again bare.

In the words of Cornwall Badger Rescue Co-ordinator Bob Speechley:

“If it wasn’t for Network For Animals’ donations last year we would not have survived.”

“We just don’t seem to have enough hours in a day, and any help you can give us may be able to keep us going for another year.”

Their organisation is a shining example of compassionate care and I believe they deserve to thrive. This year, Network For Animals humbly ask for your help in raising £5,000 for Cornwall Badger Rescue:

Please donate generously today