Nothing will stop animal welfare organization, Network for Animals (NFA), from alleviating the suffering of animals in need. Whether it’s a monsoon, a den of gangsters, an underground black-market or governmental red tape, nothing has stopped the organization from carrying out its animal welfare work.

All across the world, dogs are in dire need. In a recent expedition to Thailand, NFA found that the Thai Animal Sanctuary, a haven of hope for abused animals, had been devastated by the rainy season. Walls and infrastructure had been extensively damaged, and desperately needs renovations.

Paul Seigel from NFA, said: “As a ray of hope for so many animals, we knew we had to do something. We are hoping to send as much funding as we can to help cover the costs of the repairs, but it is only through the donations we receive from people around the world that allow us to help this sanctuary and its animals.”

“Yes, it can get dangerous, but who else is going to save these animals? We cannot be afraid. Nothing will stop us from doing our vital work,” said Seigel.

One of the most important aspects of saving lives, are the organizations that NFA partners with. These include shelters, NGO’s, animal welfare groups and beyond. Organizations like Fallen Angels in South Africa, Thailand’s Thai Animal Sanctuary and even the brave informants hired to expose the dog-meat trade of the Philippines.

“We certainly couldn’t do it without our partners, but none of us could do it without the funding we receive from our supporters. We are trying are best, and succeeding greatly. I implore anyone and everyone to donate and make a world of difference to the animals who need it most,” he said.