NFA met with Labour MP, Alex Cunningham on Tuesday, 19th April, to discuss the badger cull. As Shadow Minister for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, Alex was keen to discuss the animal welfare implications of the cull.

Not only is the cull inhumane as far as badgers are concerned, NFA discussed with Alex our concerns about how cattle and indeed farmers are continuing to suffer as a result of government focus not moving towards cattle vaccination, and tighter biosecurity measures being put into place.

Alex was keen to hear what NFA had to say, and we will be working closely with Alex and his department in the coming months.

All Party Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW)

Later in the day, NFA attended the APGAW meeting in the House of Commons. The Law Commission were in attendance to explain the Wildlife Bill, which will make its way through parliament over the next year.  The National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) were also there to speak about their work fighting wildlife crime both nationally and internationally with the trade in illegal ivory and other animal products. Snaring, poaching, and closed seasons for hares were also discussed, along with the funding required to keep the Unit going. As NFA supporters will recall, the unit faced imminent danger of closure earlier this year. Luckily, due to the public outcry this caused, there was a government u-turn at the last moment.

The NWCU provide a vital role in protecting wildlife, and on a very limited budget. They desperately need more funding and resources, yet David Cameron is determined to funnel more public money into destroying our wildlife in yet another badger cull this year instead.