One of the issues dear to our heart is the campaign to stop the proposed badger culls in England and Wales.  Spending time down in Wales meeting the activists from Pembrokeshire Against the Cull and the Badger Trust was particularly inspiring, although the visit coincided with the sad decision not to overturn plans to go ahead with the badger cull in the so called Intensive Action Area in Wales.  You can read more about our reaction to this news in our earlier blog.

PAC hosted a film screening at the Welsh Assembly showing their film about the badger situation in Wales, which highlights the realities of bovine tuberculosis for farmers, some of the alternatives to a badger cull and the grim prospect of the erosion of civil liberties if the cull comes into force.  This film presents a really powerful argument against the plans by the Welsh Assembly and we urge you to watch it.

Let us and PAC know what you think about this issue and visit their website to keep informed about upcoming badger events, letter writing campaigns and petitions.