Last September a car hit Pandelis, a Greek dog from Aspropyrgos. Pandelis’ leg was badly hurt, but volunteers from the Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos  rescued him and got him on the road to recovery.

After a long time away from his pack, Pandelis couldn’t go back to living on the streets with the other dogs. Instead he has been living in a foster home since the accident, but he can’t stay in foster care forever. He needs a home. He needs a family.

Pandelis is around six years old and a Greek sheep dog/mixed breed. He is described by his foster carers as being the most adorable bear-dog in the world. He is well mannered and good with children. He is perfectly happy with other dogs and cats and is fully house trained. He is patient, calm, and is happy to stay indoors alone. He walks on and off lead, and is content and loves company.

Pandelis is healthy and has been fully treated for Erlicheia. He will however need to be retested in around 6 months time. Screen-Shot-2016-06-21-at-20.00.33 copy

We think Pandelis is beautiful and deserves a loving home and family. Could be this be you?

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If you are from the UK or Netherlands and interested in adopting Pandelis, please get in touch.