Network For Animals need your help to end the brutal bloodsport of Organized Horse Fighting in the southern Philippines.

The sound of cheering reverberates through the arena, from a crowd made up of gamblers, gangsters, families, and even small children. In every fight, two innocent stallions are made to fight brutally over a poor mare, paraded in front of them as their ‘prize’.

Over a weekend fiesta of horse fighting, over seventy stallions will enter hideous fights, and each mare is submitted to repeated mounting by the ‘victor’ of each bout. No horse really wins in Organized Horse Fighting. It is a blood sport which needs to end.

Network for Animals are battling a cruelty that is illegal, yet endemic in the southern Philippines, and taking a stand means moving against organised crime in an area where gun carrying is the norm, not the exception.

We have been victorious in Bukidnon, North Cotabato and beyond, and Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte proudly supported our campaign in Davos City prior to his May 2016 election victory. Now let us politely ask him to expand his support across Mindanao and end Organized Horse Fighting once and for all.