Off the coast of Scotland in fish farms around the country, fish farmers are legally allowed to kill seals to protect their fish stocks.

A recent study published in the journal frontiers in marine science examined the killing of seals in the UK. This scientific research highlights some of the facts around the killing of UK seal populations.

Scientists Lunny, Langford, and Simmons (2016) found:

  • There is clear evidence of seals 
being shot in ways that do not follow the Scottish Seal Management Code of Practice 
  • That some seals killed by farms and fisheries did not die instantly and that some seals were not shot in the manner outlined by seal shooting license guidelines. Thus, seals suffer at the hands of the government.
  • Thirty-five percent of seals who were shot were pregnant seals.
  • Only a small percentage of seals were reported to the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme (an organization who investigate the cause of death of marine mammals) – despite this being a requirement of the seal shooting license.

In light of this recent evidence Network for Animals respectfully ask for an outright ban on the killing of seals in Scotland. We believe this will protect the declining harbor seal and prevent further pain and suffering in our waters.

Please sign our petition and ask for the killing of seals to stop.