Leading environmental scientist, Professor Bourne recently said “there isn’t a hope in hell” of eradicating Bovine Tuberculosis through badger culling. Other eminent scientists have stated time and again that the badger cull is inhumane and ineffective. It has cost the UK public millions of pounds whilst ignoring the plight and suffering of farmers and their cattle. However, David Cameron’s government chose to ignore these facts and plough ahead with the badger cull in the face of reason.

The UK now has a new Prime Minister, Theresa May, who spoke out against the rational of the cull back in 2011. May has appointed a new Environment Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, whose views we have yet to hear about badger culling.

It is our hope that Leadsom will take heed of Theresa May’s warnings about the cull in 2011, and will also look to the evidence when deciding whether the cull will go ahead as David Cameron’s government was planning, in up to nine counties in Southern England.

Join us today in petitioning the new Environment Secretary and ask that she examines the facts, and the finances around the cull. She owes this to the UK public, UK farmers, and to badgers, who were scapegoated by Cameron’s government for far too long.