Network for Animals has battled the human consumption of dogs in the Philippines for more than a decade, regularly discovering former pets, stuffed into tiny cages in extreme heat and humidity. With no food or water, asphyxiation is inevitable for many, and those few who make it through the caging are butchered in the most prehistoric and terrifying manner.

We have made huge strides in ending this cruelty, but thousands of dogs each year are still being killed in horrific conditions, ending-up needlessly on the human plate. Please make a difference today by urging international diplomatic pressure on the Philippine government.

We encourage you to enter your own polite text into our petitions, but please be aware that the person you are writing to does not abuse dogs.

Network for Animals will follow up this petition, like all our petitions, and attempt to build a relationship, seizing upon the volume of public support shown to the campaign. Please share this petition and do your very best to make this campaign a success.