NFA Podcast February 25, 2020

Lion Relocation

In the wild, lions are in the gravest danger! Hunters kill them to boost their egos. Poachers kill them to sell their bones as phony medicine to the Asian market. Rural people kill them because they see them as a danger to their livestock and, the final straw, human settlements are taking more and more of their […]

NFA Podcast February 13, 2020

Bela Bela Podcast

An injured donkey almost died in front of us. We saved her. We did what we had to do, what you would have wanted us to do – we bought the donkey and SAVED HER LIFE.

NFA Podcast February 4, 2020

Podcasts 1

A serial killer is stalking cats on the Greek island of Kefalonia! Last year, 14 cats slowly disappeared, vanishing week-by-week, almost as if the killer was challenging authorities to catch him and savoring the anguish of cat-lovers. In 12 months, at least 54 cats have been systematically murdered by a faceless monster and the authorities […]

NFA Podcast January 30, 2020

Podcasts 2

Hillview is one place we work to help animals. Three months ago, the people of Hillview rioted because of poor conditions there. The South African army banned us from entering because it was too dangerous. The poor animals live in filth. They are frequently diseased, often the brutalized victims of vicious organized dog fights and […]

NFA Podcast January 5, 2020

Podcasts 3

The government estimates that more than 870,000 animals suffered abuse in Greece last year and that the country has more than one million homeless dogs. All we can do is help as many animals as we possibly can and we need your help to do it.