Lots of people have been in touch asking what they can do about the proposed plans for a pilot cull of badgers in England due to begin next summer.  Network for Animals has been working closely with the Badger Trust and liaising with campaigns groups so that together our voices can be heard in unison on this issue.

In order to have the greatest impact on the government’s decision whether or not to go ahead with their controversial plans, we recommend that you visit the 38 Degrees website and register your opinion there.  This website has had great success in forcing the government to make U-turns on controversial policy decisions and we feel has the strongest chance of attracting attention.

By writing to your MP you can also make your opinion heard.  A short message outlining why you are opposed to the plans can make a big difference.  If they haven’t already, urge them to sign Early Day Motion 1591, which is an EDM against the badger cull. Visit They Work for You to find and contact your MP easily.

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