Last night the Welsh Assembly voted overwhelmingly to go ahead with rural affairs minister Elin Jones’ plans for a badger cull in the so-called Intensive Action Area in Wales. Despite the best efforts of campaigning groups including Pembrokeshire Against the Cull and Badger Trust, along with the vocal support of Queen guitarist, Brian May, the heated debate in the Welsh Assembly proposed by a group of AMs against the cull made little impact on the mindset of the government.  The Assembly seemed determined to ignore the scientific evidence, animal welfare concerns and the implications for civil liberties presented before them.

The outcome of this Senedd debate on how to tackle bovine TB in cattle and wildlife means that the cull plans will be legalised on March 31st.

Although the outlook for badgers in Wales looks bleak, there are still a number of positives to be considered.  Firstly, there is the possibility that a legal challenge against the decision can be pursued by PAC and Badger Trust as this approach has previously been successful.  Network for Animals is proud to have pledged financial support for this tactic.  Secondly, as the current government is dissolving at the end of March, there is every chance that intensive pressure on the new government can halt the implementation of these plans.  Please don’t give up hope for the badgers in Wales and continue to lobby, sign petitions and express your outrage at the decision by the Welsh Assembly.

Lobbying information including sample letters and contact details can be found on the PAC website.

Network for Animals is committed to supporting this cause by providing financial resources, lobbying and calling on the voices of our dedicated supporter base.  Together we can crusade against this cruelty.