We recently brought you the good news that Lord Bonomy had made recommendations to the Scottish Government on how its hunting laws should be tightened.

This was thanks to the hundreds of individuals and organisations, including Network for Animals, who submitted to his Review and put forward the strong case that Scottish hunters were flouting laws due to various loopholes in the current legislation. Network for Animals also pointed out that hunts had no external monitoring, so it was impossible to keep track of just how many poor, defenceless foxes, rabbits, hares and other animals were being ripped apart by hounds.

More good news

We informed you all in November that Lord Bonomy’s recommendations were now in the hands of the Scottish government, and it was up to them to decide whether they would implement any of his suggestions. We are therefore delighted to report that Scottish Minister for the Environment, Roseanna Cunningham, released a statement this week declaring that the Scottish government has pledged to strengthen the rules around hunting in Scotland in response to Lord Bonomy’s recommendations. Ms. Cunningham stated that she was “determined to ensure the highest possible levels of animal welfare.”

Network for Animals believes that the only way to ensure the highest possible levels of animal welfare for wild mammals in Scotland, and indeed the whole of the United Kingdom, is to ban hunting with hounds completely, and consign it to history where it belongs. However, we welcome Ms. Cunningham’s statement, and look forward to meeting with her in the near future to provide our input towards the new codes of conduct and monitoring schemes for hunts in Scotland.