For more than 30 years, Mali the Elephant has been imprisoned in Manila Zoo. She a lonely elephant in very poor physical and mental health, forced to spend her days walking aimlessly around a miserable enclosure in a state of deep depression.

Foot problems are one of the leading causes of death in captive elephants. A renowned elephant expert who flew to Manila to examine Mali said that she is suffering from overgrown cuticles and potentially fatal cracked nails and foot pads. Since the zoo was alerted to these severe conditions, they have failed to bring in any help for her; in fact in all the years she has been at the zoo, Mali has never received veterinary foot care.

Network for Animals, with our partner organisations in Asia, are currently looking at two options for a new home for Mali: A sanctuary in Thailand, and a safari park three hours from Manilla. This however is only half the battle. We have already been failed by the newly elected Mayor of Manilla Joseph Estrada, who pre-election was keen to free Mali. We are now looking to persuade the profit making company planning to take over the zoo that Mali should not be treated as an ‘attraction’ and should be given back her freedom, and her dignity.

There is a battle ahead, but your donation really could help make the dream of a new life for Mali into a reality.