For some time now, Network for Animals has been monitoring the health of an elderly Asian elephant called Mali, who lives at the Manila Zoo in the Philippines.

Two years ago, supporters like you helped me pay for blood tests that found, thankfully, she is healthy for her advanced age, but just a bit overweight, like many of us.

You and I both know that wild animals should live free and protected in the wilderness. We do not approve of zoos. Full stop. But we always ask ourselves: what would the animals want? I have to tell you that in this case the Manila Zoo is the best option for her.

She has lived there for nearly 40 years and her keepers love her and she loves them. They are family. She gets regular salt footbaths to keep her feet in good condition. Tons of fresh sand are routinely brought in, which she uses as a sunscreen to protect and cool her skin.


Yet I have been shocked to learn that Mali is in serious danger.

There is a plan to force Mali into a punishing trek that could kill her! Meanwhile, Mali’s devoted keepers are working to give their beloved, elderly elephant the best possible quality of life right now.

Mali the Elephant

We are working with the zoo authorities to provide her with an enclosure four or five times the size of the one she lives in now.

Please donate today to help her.

You can see her situation for yourself in the video I’ve included.


Mali has surpassed the average age for a captive elephant. She is very, very old.

It is widely acknowledged that ripping her from the only family she’s known for a grueling and confusing trip to a sanctuary in Thailand (1,400 miles over land and sea) or Tennessee (more than 8,000 miles) will likely mean this beautiful creature’s death.

Mali the Elephant

Please take a stand. Help us do what’s right for Mali, right now.

Please give generously to help us purchase more sand to make her final years comfortable, and to help her dedicated keepers add to her play and enrichment activities.

Thank you so much for caring.

For the animals,


Brian Davies,

P.S. My director personally visited Mali just weeks ago and found her healthy and happy. Let’s keep her that way. It is unlikely that Mali would survive transport elsewhere and her keepers are totally devoted to her well-being. They were so grateful for donations like yours that have provided direct care for Mali in the past. Please, help Mali’s keepers give this senior elephant her best life right now! Donate generously today.