For a while we’ve been telling you about the animal welfare crisis at the Mandaluyong city pound where close to 100 dogs were slowly but surely starving to death under shocking conditions with no veterinary care.  We asked for your help and the response has been amazing.

The incredible combined efforts of a wonderful volunteer named Li-an (pictured below), your generosity and the cooperation of the government vet in charge of the pound have resulted in a complete turn around for the dogs. And things are only improving…

Thanks to your generosity we have been able to fund several long-term treatments, vaccinations, neuterings and provide a stock of medications and supplies used for dogs needing treatment at a nearby supporting clinic.

Most importantly, when the dog food supply was exhausted a week ago, our most recent grant enabled the purchase of 10 sacks of dog food to tide the dogs over until the city funded food arrived. Notably, feeding time is now twice a day, resulting in far fewer fights because the dogs finally have enough to eat.

For the future what’s most important is ensuring that dogs are neutered prior to adoption, so that they do not contribute to the massive overpopulation problem in metro Manila. With this in mind, NFA has committed to financing the sterilisation of 10 dogs. We have also provided the pound with bite resistant gloves and a catch-pole, which will help the pound workers in handling the more aggressive dogs.

With the help of our supporters we have made a fundamental difference to the lives of the dogs at the Mandaluyong shelter, which is something to be very proud of. Now we need to continue to work with Li-an and the city administration to make sure that more adoptions start happening, because the ultimate goal is to get every one of these poor dogs into a loving home.

Please stand with us to ensure that this happens.