There are now just two weeks until the Thursday May 7th UK General Election, a day of vital decision making for animal lovers…

Our #torycull campaign, which has so far reached more than 200,000 people, may have helped spur on some of the record 485,000 last day registrations to vote, an increase of 435,000 on the last day of registration in the 2010 election.

This general election sees the Labour party promising to keep the Hunting Act and end the Badger Cull, in direct opposition to the disasterous Conservative stance on both issues.

The Hunting Act has been a vital part of the movement to protect wild animals including foxes, hare and deer, from the wealthy bloodsport of hunting with hounds. The law was implemented in 2004 by a Labour government, and heavily backed by Network For Animals supporters. If relected, the Conservatives have pledged a vote on its end, setting our fight against cruelty back more than a decade, and seeing thousands of wild animals die a violent and unnecessary death.

The Badger Cull has so far seen 2386 badgers shot and killed, at a shocking cost of around £15,000,000 to the taxpayer. If elected, Labour will end the cull, wheras the Conservatives will continue it. Ending the cull is seen as vital to Network For Animals. Beyond the outrageous cruelty and spending, past research has shown that culling at the levels shown achievable by the Conservatives, is more likely to spread BovineTB rather then curb it: The badger cull is both a threat to farmers as well as badgers, and should be replaced with a cheap, effective, humane and achievable vaccination project.