Network For Animals today attended the launch of the UK Labour Party pledge for animal welfare, and are pleased to see the following commitments to animal welfare if Labour are elected on May 7th 2015:

1. Labour will end the Badger Cull: An issue Network For Animals have campaigned heavily on since 2011, and consider a brutal, inhumane and unnecessary waste of public funds.

2. Building on last Labour government’s international animal commitments to outlawing the import of seal products and experimentation on great apes, they will work heavily for elephants, rhinos and tigers.

3. The Conservatives plan to vote on repealing the hunting ban, a ban lobbied heavily for by Network For Animals and sister organisation Political Animal Lobby, and celebrating it’s 10th anniversary today. Labour will not allow the ban to be repealed.

4. Labour pledge to ban the use of wild animals in circuses, and cite the failure of the Conservative party to take action on this important area in March 2012.

5. Labour will improve the protection of Dogs and Cats in the UK, by reviewing inadequate regulations on sale and breeding, and building on the Animal Welfare Act 2006, tackling backstreet breeders and puppy farms.

6. Labour plan to tackle wildlife crime, reducing cruelty on shooting estates by protecting birds of prey, working on the use of snares, and ensuring the humane treatment of game birds.

The full document can be read here.

Network for Animals have lobbied heavily across all major UK parties, since our inception as the Political Animal Lobby in 1994, and this February have written to all major political parties, encouraging them to make clear policy statements on animal welfare, prior to the 2015 election.

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