As David Cameron’s attack on foxes, hare, deer and mink is faced down, we look towards his next cruel and unnecessary attack on wildlife: The badger cull.

Now entering its third year, the Badger Cull is widely viewed to be an unpopular and unscientific pet project of MPs high in the Conservative party, keen to secure the alliance of the NFU, with stark regard to science.

The UK’s Chief Vet has already questioned the continuation of any cull beyond 2017, and in reply to Network for Animals confirmed his doubts of continuing to run the cull in Gloucestershire due to failures over the past two years.

With no clear information being offered by the Government on the nature of future culling, peaceful campaigners within Somerset and Gloucestershire have begun recruiting for support during the cull period.

We encourage all badger lovers to read this document, and to look to learn more about taking direct peaceful and lawful action against the cull.

NFA Campaigner Paul Herring said “The pilot badger culls test nothing but our ability to kill, and do nothing positive to address the issues  farmers face with Bovine Tuberculosis. The obscene costs of the cull, the repeated failures to meet targets, and the weight of anger against the policy should see the culls ended, and badger vaccination embraced nationwide.”

As a footnote, David Cameron’s plans for amendments to the Hunting Act 2004, shockingly included provisions to allow the killing of any animal ‘which the hunter reasonably believes is or may be diseased’. This insertion, whether intended or otherwise, we believe would have been used en-masse against badgers falsely scapegoated as carrying Bovine TB.