NFA supporters will remember our moving film about TEARS, in Vrygrond, South Africa, and our appeal for donations to help them care for hungry and unwell dogs.

Thanks to our supporters, the poor people of Vrygrond and their dogs have 50,000 reasons to be happy today.  Network for Animals has donated R50,000.00 ($3,700 dollars) to help TEARS Animal Rescue pay for the medical care of neglected dogs in the area.

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Network for Animals Africa Director David Barritt said the donation was just the beginning of an 18-month project.  “For the next year-and-a-half, we and TEARS will help ensure that all the dogs in the area are spayed or neutered, treated for disease and monitored on a weekly basis,” he said.

Vrygrond, an area close to Muizenburg, is where the people and their dogs urgently need help.  “This is a very poor area where many people have barely enough food to feed their families,” said Barritt.

“Network for Animals helps animals around the world. In South Africa we are helping to save rhino and elephants but we also care about domestic pets and help out whenever we can.”

There are a lot of children in the area who have been victims of abuse and are cared for by small charities who scrape by day-to-day.  Those kids have no toys, no books, no TV, but they often share a dog who becomes a focus for their love.


From left: Marilyn Hoole, founder of TEARS, David Barritt, Network for Animals, Front:  Mandy Store, TEARS operations manager,  Griffen the dog, and Luke Kruyt, TEARS animal care manager

Patricia Vertuin runs a small shelter giving refuge to half a dozen children, all of whom were physically or mentally abused.  “They have a dog called Blackie and he makes all the difference to the lives of these children,” said Patricia.  Blackie is getting on in years and needs veterinary treatment.  Patricia has no money to spend on medical care for Blackie but now she can be sure that NFA and TEARS are looking after him.  “It’s wonderful what you are doing,” said, Patricia, in gratitude.

She says that unemployment in the area is so high that many people have given up and turned to drink and drugs. “They become hard and are tempted to join criminal gangs; having a dog gives them a different and very beneficial outlet.  It gives them hope.”

TEARS’ Animal Care Manager, Luke Kruyt, who works in the area, says there are hundreds of dogs that need care.

“With the help of NFA, we will tackle Vrygrond, street by street until we have spayed or neutered every dog we can, and ensured them proper veterinary care.  We will also teach the people to properly care for their animals. What makes this work so rewarding is that both the people and the dogs are so grateful for what we do.”

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