Next Tuesday October 4th is World Animal Day and our team need your support to do something wonderful.

Support Our World Animal Day Project!


The video above is from our veterinarian, Dr. Medino Yebron, who tirelessly campaigns in the Philippines to support our anti-dog meat trade team, end organized horse fighting, and to improve the welfare of all animals in need.


To build on our successes in World Animal Day 2015, Dr. Yebron is arranging something special this year. He has organized a team of 100 volunteer veterinary surgeons and clinicians from private practice and teaching colleges around the southern Philippines, and needs just a little help from you, to put them all to work!


With your support this World Animal Day, we will change the lives of hundreds of animals by providing:

> Free rabies vaccinations to cats and dogs.
> Free spaying and neutering for cats and dogs.
> Free veterinary consultations for all clinic visitors.

This vast event will work wonders for the welfare of animals with loving owners, who are normally far too poor to provide the care we will offer for free. It will build great bridges across the veterinary and campaigning community of the Philippines, and it will cement your message of the importance of animal welfare in the minds of a nation.

Support Our World Animal Day Project!


None of this will be possible without your help, so please make a donation today. Together we’ll make World Animal Day 2016 a day to remember!

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