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In August 2023: Freak wildfires broke out on the Hawaiian island of Maui, claiming an unknown number of animal lives and leaving thousands severely injured and struggling to survive.

Thanks to the support of our donors, we were able to rush critical funds to the Maui Humane Society to bolster their rescue-and-evacuation missions. Birds were left with singed wings, marine life choked on polluted water, and frightened animals were saved moments from disaster. When disaster strikes, we are there – and will continue to be there are increasing extreme weather events cause wildfires, floods and storms around the world.

Maui wildfire

We worked to rescue, rehabilitate and relocate as many helpless animal victims as possible


LUNI Lombok plays a pivotal role in caring for cats in need on Gili Trawangan Island, Indonesia. Through our support, since 2022, it ensures daily care for some  500 cats, and also undertaken wildlife rescues. On the neighboring Gili Air Island, a pop-up trap-neuter-release (TNR) clinic  extends its  efforts. It also arrange veterinarians’ visits to educate villages on the importance of animal sterilization. 

We provide much needed support by covering associated costs, from medicine to cat catcher salaries and cat food. Recently, we helped LUNI Lombok to build a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic, equipped with surgery rooms, consultation spaces, and quarantine areas for sick cats, as well as a cat café to help them become self-sustainable.


Network for Animals provides much needed support by covering associated costs, from medicine to cat catcher salaries and cat food. Credit: Luni Lombok Charity


Fiona Animal Refuge (FAR)

In Hidalgo, Network for Animals supports the Fiona Animal Refuge (FAR), an animal shelter that focuses on reducing overpopulation and animal abuse. We provide FAR with a monthly grant to assist with food and essential veterinary care for street dogs. Recently, we provided funding for doggy wheelchairs for the paralyzed dogs who live there.


Weso (pictured above) was saved by the Fiona Animal Refuge (FAR) from deplorable conditions. His horrific injuries included two broken legs. NFA supports FAR in its work to help Mexican street dogs.

Uruguay, Montevideo

We have supported Montevideo’s sole animal shelter, A.P.A El Refugio, since 2018. Even with no support from local authorities, the shelter tirelessly cares for 360 street dogs and 40 cats. Network for Animals is committed to covering the monthly cost of expensive food and specialist medical care. In recent years, El Refugio has been overwhelmed by gangsters, fire and flood. Thus, we also provide the shelter with emergency funding for essential supplies during times of crisis.


Sick dogs at the El Refugio shelter in Montevideo, Uruguay

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