Every time I think of how Mack could have ended up kidnapped and slaughtered for a dinner table in Vietnam or China, I shudder. It’s like he knows he was rescued. And Mack is grateful for every moment.

I was horrified to learn how Mack’s former ‘owner’ mercilessly abused him. He is a sweet, big-hearted dog (like my Labrador Max) and with your support, Mack will receive the life he deserves: A happy one.

For our partner organization, the Thai Animal Sanctuary, adoption homes are few and far between. Your donation, no matter how small, will make a real difference.

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You see, in the profoundly poor and isolated region of Thailand where Thai Animal Sanctuary operates, people simply abandon animals to the streets. They can’t afford vaccinations or spay/neuter, to say nothing of long-term care.

By helping cover expenses at the sanctuary, you will fund compassionate care for dogs like Mack, and slow overpopulation by offering free spay/neuter surgeries.

You’ll also help us push for new legislation to shut down brutal dog meat trading and stem the sad smuggling of dogs from Thailand into Vietnam and China. It’s a tall order, but together we will turn the tide.

Give for Mack and all Thai dogs now. Your generosity will work miracles.

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For the animals,


Brian Davies,