Network for Animals would like to thank our supporters around the world, for enabling us to create a unique World Animal Day 2015 project in Mindano, Philippines. Our October 4th and 5th event enabled us to vaccinate more than 300 dogs against diseases including Rabies, neuter 68 dogs and cats, and treat 20 horses at our drop in clinics.

Perhaps most importantly, we were able to build significant relationships with veterinarians, officials and local communities, to assist in our battle against organized horse fighting. In the words of our veterinarian Medino Yebron, organiser of the event:

“I can humbly say with happiness that our project celebrating World Animal Day 2015 was a big success. The Davao city veterinary office did a wonderful job using her vets and staff and resources, and we were able to get the services of veterinarians from more than 200 kilometers away.

We also had ten vet clinicians who immensely enjoyed their experience both in surgery and at horse clinics. They were so good and effective in their assigned tasks, and without them we could not have done the work efficiently considering the bulk of work in a limited time. Various commercial vet organizations unselfishly joined in our project as surgeons, despite having their own vet clinics. The vets really did a good job, highly professional, and they made sure the animals treated didn’t experience pain.

On behalf of the Network for Animals Philippine team, thank you so much for your all out support and deep concern for helpless animals in this part of the world.”

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