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Petition Cuba to stop poisoning street dogs in Havana

In Havana, the government capture stray dogs, fling them into trucks and take them to an extermination camp where they are poisoned with strychnine, one of the most vicious poisons known to man. The dogs die in agony. Muscle spasms spread to every muscle in the body. Death takes twenty minutes. In Cuba there is no […]

Petition To End Organized Horse Fighting Forever

Network For Animals need your help to end the brutal bloodsport of Organized Horse Fighting in the southern Philippines. The sound of cheering reverberates through the arena, from a crowd made up of gamblers, gangsters, families, and even small children. In every fight, two innocent stallions are made to fight brutally over a poor mare, paraded in front of […]

Petition Against The Cruel Export of Elephants to China

Last year the Zimbabwe government sold 24 wild baby elephants to China. To capture the babies, helicopters were used to stampede an elephant herd; the babies who could not keep up were brought down, chained and forced into cages – babies so tiny, they were still breastfeeding. Several months later, those babies who survived were […]

Petition to Stop the Canadian Seal Cull

Our founder Brian Davies has been defending seals from slaughter for almost five decades. In 1987 he and his team were the catalyst for a vitally important ban on the culling of baby whitecoat seals. That victory saved more than 2.5 million seals, and remains one of the greatest animal welfare achievements the world has ever known. Unfortunately, […]

Petition the USDA Head to Shut Down The U.S. Meat Animal Research Center

A secret branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) called The U.S. Meat Animal Research Centre  was exposed last year for horrifying experiments on meat-producing animals, so inhumane that even the meat industry itself is rejecting the federal agency’s grisly methods and glaring lack of oversight. In an attempt to bolster birth rates and factory […]

Dogs In Distress

Increasingly, in much of the enlightened world there is a sense of companionship and understanding between caring dog owners and their cherished pets. These relationships are mutually beneficial, incredibly rewarding and never stop growing. If only ALL dogs were so lucky. Network for Animals’ campaign against the Dog Meat Trade in the Philippines began in […]

Seal Hunt

It was four decades ago that Brian Davies, our founder, pioneered the campaign to end the slaughter of baby seals in Canada. His work to expose the cruelty on the ice floes made headlines around the world, and the battle to save the seals became an icon for the animal protection movement. Brian Davies with […]

Elephants and Rhinos

Africa is losing the battle to save its wildlife. Iconic African animals like elephants and rhinos are under attack from highly organised criminal networks that are feeding an insatiable demand for ivory and rhino horn in China, Vietnam and other Asian countries. Click here to read our report “Rubber Stamping Animal Cruelty: Why CITES needs […]

Organized Horse Fighting

Network for Animals campaigns against the cruel and illegal practice of organized horse fighting, a shocking blood sport prevalent in Mindanao, a part of the Southern Philippines where it is billed as a cultural tradition. In an organized horse fight, a female horse is tied up, and two male horses are incited to fight each […]

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