In Jordan, thousands of puppies are born into abject suffering every year. These tiny, helpless souls find themselves living on the streets, and from the moment they open their eyes, they face grave and brutal dangers. In a country where few people have compassion for dogs, these little souls are either deliberately injured or killed because of human negligence and carelessness.

Unmasking Jordan's silent crisis: can you help? 1Credit: NFA/Luke Barritt

On the perilous streets of Amman, puppies and dogs dodge bullets, evade deliberate attempts at poisoning, and try – often unsuccessfully – to avoid vehicles intent on killing them.

Your donation today WILL help prevent this suffering!

Imagine for a moment the sheer hardship of these animals’ existence: the relentless quest for food, the desperate search for shelter against the harsh desert elements, and the struggle to protect their young.

Unmasking Jordan's silent crisis: can you help? 2Credit: NFA

The gravity of their situation is both haunting and URGENT. We need you to act NOW.

In collaboration with our partner, Al Rahmeh, we have been at the forefront of addressing this heartbreaking situation for dogs in Jordan, where we have fed, treated, and cared for animals since 2017. But we cannot do it alone. Can the animals of Jordan count on you?

Unmasking Jordan's silent crisis: can you help? 3

The animals urgently need your support for a crucial sterilization project now.

We launched a vital sterilization initiative in June 2023, it’s gone well but now, our funds for this vital program are rapidly running out.

Right now, 400 dogs desperately need sterilization, and to achieve this, we must raise $20,000 or £16200. Any additional funds raised beyond this target will directly contribute to further vital sterilizations. The need is urgent, because our long-standing partner Al Rahmeh, located near Amman, is the ONLY animal shelter in this region. They can house up to 60 dogs, but they’re restricted by limited space and dwindling funds. Right now, the shelter is at capacity and cannot take in more dogs, especially with the discouragingly low adoption rates in Jordan. A staggering 51% of the local population view dogs in a poor light.

Unmasking Jordan's silent crisis: can you help? 4Credit: NFA/Luke Barritt

You can change things by supporting our trap-neuter-release (TNR) program.

We catch dogs, sterilize them, and release them into safe areas, where we also help to provide food and support for them… However, our efforts will stop without YOUR support and we have come so far in our mission. We cannot give up now!

Will you join us in this crucial time? Every amount, every share, and every word of encouragement counts. Together, we can make a difference.

Unmasking Jordan's silent crisis: can you help? 5Credit: Al Rahmeh

Please help us and end the suffering of Jordan’s dogs now – time is of the essence! Every passing moment, these innocent creatures face unspeakable hardships, looking to us with pleading eyes for compassion and salvation. For the love we bear for all living beings sharing our world, we implore you to stand with us NOW in supporting our life-saving sterilization initiative.

You hold the power to be a beacon of hope and light the path to a brighter future for these dogs. Please, donate any amount you possibly can now, and help us continue our vital sterilization program for the dogs of Jordan now.

For the animals,

IMAGINE the FEAR and PAIN… a happy little dog… abandoned by her family… then brutally hit by a car and left to cry, suffer and die. 5

Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO
Network for Animals

P.S. The simple act of kindness you show today will resonate well into the future of these dogs – a future where fear and suffering are replaced by safety and hope. So please, contribute to this vital cause today. Your gesture of support, however big or small, becomes part of a greater movement toward compassion and change. Do not delay—the dogs of Jordan need your immediate support. Click here to watch our video and learn more.

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