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During times of war, dogs and cats are often the helpless, voiceless victims, discarded as people flee and injured as bombs fall. Network for Animals exists to be a lifeline to animals during these crises, delivering life-saving aid and evacuating as many four-legged souls as we can. Here is how your support is enabling us to reach animals in war zones around the world.

Israel-Hamas Conflict

In October 2023, violent conflict broke out after Hamas attacked Israel, and animals were abandoned as rockets struck and people fled for their lives. We knew that countless injured, terrified and forgotten animals would need our immediate help.We teamed up with fearless organizations on the ground – Let The Animals Live (LTAL) and our long-term partner Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS) in Israel, and Sulala Animal Rescue (SAR) and Animal Environment Association (AEA) in Palestine – to rush critical aid to animal war victims.


Dogs, cats, donkeys and other animals had been left without food, shelter or anyone to care for them. Working with emergency rescue teams and brave volunteers, we were able to rush food and supplies to animals trapped in war zones, and to evacuate as many as we could. As the brutal war wears on, our support continues, funded entirely by the compassion and generosity of Network for Animals supporters.


We knew that countless injured, terrified and forgotten animals would need our immediate help. Credit: UNRWA Unicef/Mahmoud Ajjour

Ukraine War

In 2022, Russia initiated a brutal military invasion of Ukraine, sparking a devastating conflict that continues to affect countless civilians and animals in the region. Network for Animals was one of the first animal welfare organizations on the ground, and we remain dedicated to providing emergency aid to innocent, four-legged victims amid this ongoing crisis. 

Your donations are used to provide critically needed food, shelter, medications and vital veterinary care for the vulnerable dogs and cats of Ukraine. At the time of writing, we are actively working with four partners on the ground in Ukraine to reach war victim animal victims in desperate need.

The Animal Guardians Program (AGP)

Anzhela Sheveleva is the coordinator of the Animal Guardians Program (AGP), a project that aims to provide food and veterinary care for thousands of street animals in and around the regions of Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Dnipro. The good-hearted ‘guardians’ who assist Anzhela are pensioners (the oldest is 80!), disabled or very poor.  They emerge from shelter when there is a lull in the fighting to help animals, often taking numerous cats and dogs into their own homes to care for them. NFA supports the AGP by covering the cost of pet food, medicine, sterilizations, other emergency veterinary treatments and fuel to transport animals to and from clinics. We have also helped provide the AGP with building materials to repair infrastructure affected by shelling and household items such as refrigerators and water tanks so that the animals can continue to have access to fresh food and water.


One of the Animals Guardians of the Animal Guardians Program carries a severely injured dog towards shelter and treatment. Network for Animals supports and funds the work of the Animal Guardians in the Ukraine.

Vetmarket Pluriton

Vetmarket Pluriton manufactures pet food in the Khmelnytskyi region and has become a vital NFA partner. Together, we manufacture NFA-branded food and distribute it free in extremely dangerous areas, via a delivery van that we purchased for the team. With our financial support, Vetmarket also conducts critical rescue and evacuation missions in some of the worst-hit cities in Ukraine.


WIth Network for Animals’ help, the Vetmarket team works tirelessly to rescue injured and abandoned animals from the most dangerous areas of war-torn Ukraine.

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