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Network for Animals (NFA) has a proud track record of urgent intervention in times of crisis. At the start of the Ukraine war in February 2022, we were one of the first animal welfare organizations on the ground, ready to support the country’s animal victims wherever possible. We continue to work with our partners in Ukraine and Poland to feed, treat and evacuate animals that would otherwise be killed in the warzones.

Emergency Relief

As global temperatures rise, natural disasters such as droughts, floods and heatwaves are becoming more frequent and intense. We are committed to supporting animals who get caught up in these catastrophic conditions. In January 2022, NFA worked alongside the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) and our partner, the Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary (HAHES), to urgently rescue horses and foals who faced potential death by drowning following heavy flooding along the Orange River in Namaqualand, South Africa. In 2020, we also rushed financial aid to Australia, the United States, the Philippines and Lebanon to support countless helpless animals affected by life-threatening disasters. In 2023, we rushed aid to animals trapped and injured in a Moroccan earhtquake. In 2024, we rushed emergency relief to help dogs caught up in widespread flooding in Nairobi, Kenya.


We knew that countless injured, terrified and forgotten animals would need our immediate help. Credit: UNRWA Unicef/Mahmoud Ajjour

Israel-Hamas Conflict 🇮🇱🇵🇸

In October 2023, violent conflict broke out between Israel and Gaza, and animals were abandoned as rockets struck and people fled for their lives. We knew that countless injured, terrified and forgotten animals would need our immediate help.

We teamed up with fearless organizations on the ground – Let The Animals Live (LTAL) and our long-term partner Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS) in Israel, and Sulala Animal Rescue (SAR) and Animal Environment Association (AEA) in Palestine – to rush critical aid to animal war victims.

Dogs, cats, donkeys and other animals had been left without food, shelter or anyone to care for them. Working with emergency rescue teams and brave volunteers, we were able to rush food and supplies to animals trapped in warzones, and to evacuate as many as we could. As the brutal war wears on, our support continues, funded entirely by the compassion and generosity of Network for Animals supporters.


NFA teams are picked through the rubble and plucked survivors from the debris from the 6.8-magnitude tremor struck southwest of Marrakech

Morocco 🇲🇦

In September 2023, a devastating magnitude 6.8 earthquake rocked the region southwest of Marrakech, leveling cities and villages. Animals were injured, terrified and trapped under piles of rubble. We knew if we had any chance of saving them, we would have to work fast.

We sprang into action, and through your immediate support, we were able to contribute towards the life-saving animal rescue missions of our partners, L’Arche de Noé, Help Adopt Moroccan Animals (HAMA) and Jarjeer. Through our on-the-ground partnerships and loyal supporters, we are able to come to the aid of desperate, wounded animals in their most desperate and horrific moments.

Maui wildfire

We worked to rescue, rehabilitate and relocate as many helpless animal victims as possible

Hawaii 🇺🇸

In August 2023, freak wildfires broke out on the Hawaiian island of Maui, claiming an unknown number of animal lives and leaving thousands severely injured and struggling to survive.

Thanks to the support of our donors, we were able to rush critical funds to the Maui Humane Society to bolster their rescue-and-evacuation missions. Birds were left with singed wings, marine life choked on polluted water, and frightened animals were saved moments from disaster. When disaster strikes, we are there – and will continue to be there when increasingly extreme weather events cause wildfires, floods and storms around the world.

Greece wildfires

NFA teams frantically evacuated and saved animals as 355 new wildfires burnt out of control.

Greece 🇬🇷

In July 2023, wildfires broke out across large swathes of Greece, including on Rhodes and Corfu, and around the capital, Athens. The wildfires – of which at least 80 were recorded – left animals trapped, helpless and alone as people fled to save themselves.

With our supporters’ help, we rushed funds for emergency rescue missions, food, animal transport crates and medical supplies to our partners on the ground: Corinthia Animal Rescue (CAR), Make it Pawsible (MIP) and Alma Libre – Hellenic Animal Rescue (ALHAR). These brave teams ventured into burnt, smoldering areas, saving terrified, trapped animals from death and providing life-saving treatment.

The crisis didn’t stop there. The next month, 355 new wildfires tore through the country, and with our donors’ support, we once again rushed critically needed funding for emergency animal rescue supplies and evacuations.


Credit: Karditsa Shelter: Evi Thanou

During times of crisis, animals are often the forgotten victims, left behind or abandoned as rescue teams fight to save human lives. We will always be on the ground when disaster strikes, dedicating our efforts to saving every animal life we can.

Soon after wildfires ripped through Greece, the deadliest Mediterranean cyclone in recorded history made landfall, destroying homes and dumping months’ worth of rain on already saturated and submerged areas. As people fled the floods, terrified animals were left to drown.

We raced into action and together with our partner, Greek Animal Rescue (GAR), we were able to rush critically needed funding for food, shelter, blankets and veterinary care to affected animals. We also also supported the rescue and evacuation of hundreds of animals who would have otherwise drowned in the disaster.


NFA rushed critical care, food and shelter to animals affected by the 2023 earthquakes in Turkey. Credit: Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey 🇹🇷

We are on the ground when disasters strike, rushing to the aid of animals in the direst of need. It is often during times of crisis that animals become forgotten, abandoned victims, desperate for help that often never comes.

We are proud to say that we were on the ground when a 7.8-magnitude earthquake – and a subsequent quake of 6.4 magnitude, with a 5.8-magnitude aftershock – devastated parts of Turkey in February 2023, and we were still there when 90 more aftershocks followed. We immediately sprang into action, trawling ravaged landscapes for animal victims along with HAYTAP (Hayvan Hakları Federasyonu), a dedicated animal rescue organization working in the Antakya region. We helped rescue injured and displaced cats, dogs, puppies, birds and even farm animals like pregnant cows.

Rescued animals were given critical treatment, food and shelter at our emergency field tents, and in the coming weeks and months, we will help to ensure that these tragic victims heal and find loving homes. Many lost their families in the tragedy, while others were forced to be separated from their owners as shelters would not allow people to keep their pets with them. It is a heartbreaking tragedy all round, but we will not abandon the animals when they need us most.


We provided funding for specialized food and care for flying-fox cubs.

Australia 🇦🇺

We were among the very first international organizations to provide on-the-ground help when devastating bushfires in Australia killed a billion animals in 2020. We focused on flying foxes because they birth once a year, and with extreme heat and fires killing countless thousands, an entire generation was at risk. We provided funding for specialized food and care for flying fox cubs and continued to help until they were returned to the wild.

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