CRISIS for cats, dogs and horses in storm-ravaged Cape Town, South Africa!

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Together we have helped countless animals around the world.

By supporting our work, you are reaching out with caring hands to stop animal abuse.

  • Banner_credit_Galgos del Sur Spanish greyhounds have no protection from the law – and they’re dying in their thousands. Read more
  • Banner_credit_NFA_Zara King Distemper outbreak threatens the lives of 1,000 dogs in a gang-infested Cape Town community. Read more
  • Banner_credit_NFA_Jo Higgs From storm drain to farmland: Help us get Kwikwi to her forever home! Read more
  • Banner_credit_HUGS 6 Three rescued donkeys were destined to be fed to zoo animals! Read more
  • Resized - 2024-03-27T151856.515 Ukraine: from despair to care: Changing tragedy to hope. Read more
  • Banner_credit_Sourced on FaceBook Act now to transform the fate of Croatia's abused horses: A call for urgent change and support. Read more
  • Banner_credit_NFA_Mark Jordan Thai shelter for disabled dogs and cats at capacity! Enclosures needed! Read more
  • Banner_credit_Kawtar Cats Morocco's street cats need your help. Read more
  • Banner_credit_NFA_Luke Barritt We're running out of time to move 10 dogs in Palestine to safety! Read more
  • Untitled design - 2024-02-12T132503.435 Graphic warning: Chinese demand threatens to WIPE OUT Kenya's donkeys. Read more
  • Banner_credit_EPA Cruel dog abuse revealed in Roma villages. Read more
  • Banner_credit_NFA_Roxy-de-Saint-Pern-1 Graphic Warning: Dog meat trade horror in the Congo. Read more
  • Banner_credit_iStock-1 Zimbabwe’s donkeys in crisis due to prolonged drought. Read more
  • Banner_NoCredit-2 Animal victims of war need emergency rescue right now Read more
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