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As the war in Palestine grinds on, the deadly toll on animals rises every day. There were thousands of street dogs there before the fighting. That number is shooting up as abandoned, injured and hungry animals are forced onto the ruined streets of the West Bank, where there is little or nothing to eat and no veterinary care.

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We are feeding animals caught in the chaos of war – please donate generously today!

Shuttered or destroyed businesses such as hotels, restaurants and grocery stores mean that street dogs and cats who relied on their leftover food for survival are starving.


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In May 2024, the World Bank reported that half a million Palestinians have lost their jobs since the war began, and that means there is very little money available for animal welfare. Even the few scraps street dogs could once find in garbage bins are disappearing, as people save every scrap of food for their families.

Our partner, the Animal Environment Association (AEA), is the ONLY registered shelter working in the West Bank, but donations have all but stopped and no-one is adopting animals.


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Despite the challenges, our team is working around the clock to reach war-torn animals in need. As well as looking after 100 dogs and 40 cats at the shelter, our team feeds hundreds of street animals and provides emergency medical care for those with life-threatening injuries.

We support AEA with a monthly grant to help cover food and medical expenses for about 50 to 60 dogs in urgent need. But it’s not enough; right now the food store for feeding street cats and dogs is empty. Please help us get the animals the food they so desperately need.

For every $5,000 (£4,000) we raise we can save more than 100 animals from starvation, renewing their hope that they will survive until the war is over.

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Food supplies for shelter animals are almost exhausted with virtually nothing left over for street cats and dogs. Vet bills are climbing higher each month.

Hundreds of animals are suffering. They need your support more than ever! They need YOUR support, now more than ever! Please donate generously to Network for Animals today and help us be a lifeline for over one hundred starving, terrified and helpless war victim animals in Palestine.

For the animals,

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P.S. We cannot forsake the countless animals who continue to be injured, abandoned and neglected as the war rages on. Animal lovers like you and I are a small minority who really understand how important kindness is to creatures like shell-shocked animal victims of a terrible war. Please show them you care by donating as much as you can now to feed them as the conflict continues.

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