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You may know the island of Mindanao in the Philippines is home to the gruesome bloodsport of horse fighting, and with your help, we are fighting to end it.

But there is also an incredible shelter that is doing amazing work for rescued stray dogs there. We helped fund its construction and advise on management and animal care. It’s called Cagayan de Oro Animal Rescue (CAR).

CAR is really struggling financially during the coronavirus lockdown.

Any donation you can send to help will mean lifesaving rescue and urgent care for loving, cast-off dogs like Billy...

Would you believe the frontline heroes at CAR rescued Billy from a “wet market” where live animals are slaughtered on the spot for the dinner table?

Except Billy’s owner hadn’t simply abandoned him. His abuser took the time to be sadistic, by “tying” this sweet and friendly boy to a tree. With WIRE!

Billy tried to wriggle free. But the unforgiving wire just sunk deeper into his neck. By the time our partners at CAR came upon the poor little dog, the wire was buried in bloody flesh.

W wish you could have heard them tell the story. How gently and carefully they worked to cut the wire. How each time he whimpered, it tugged at their hearts. Finally, Billy was free!

Last month, we were able to donate food and medicines to the shelter, and some of those supplies are helping Billy. But the stocks they have are limited, and there are young pups there now too.


Our partners at CAR are fighting against animal cruelty every day.

Will you rush a donation of whatever you can, for Billy and the other animals in dire need? Just $19 from you is enough to care for a rescued dog like him for a full month!

Your kind support today helps CAR stay stocked with nutritious food and vital medicines, for dogs (and cats!) who have suffered the worst of what humankind has dealt.

Only with your love and support now, can they at last experience the best... all the kindness and compassion that friends like you have to offer these precious, trusting souls.

We know the coronavirus has left everyone weary and shaken, but we are all these animals have got in this world. The only friends they have.

Please give generously if you can.

Thank you for letting us share Billy’s story, the brave little dog from the island of Mindanao. And thank you for giving to help with his veterinary care and shelter, if you can.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. It is unthinkable and wrong that last year in the town where Cagayan de Oro Animal Rescue is located, hundreds of street dogs were put to death! That’s why they do the lifesaving work they do - to save every animal they can. But they are struggling financially during the coronavirus lockdown and urgently need our help. Please give even $19 now if you possibly can, to help fund a month’s food and care for a once-abused dog like Billy. Every dollar matters! Thank you so much, again. We are so glad you’re on the side of animals.

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