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We have told you before about our crusade to help thousands of innocent Turkish street dogs who cling to survival on the decomposing carcases dumped by 200 chicken egg farms.

In the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, we URGENTLY need your help so we can RUSH emergency food aid to help them.

In a huge area, some 19 square miles (50 square kilometers), near the towns of Tepecik and Tavşanlı, street dogs live lives of hell. Food poisoning is rife. Dogs are not spayed or neutered, and so puppies are constantly born and quickly die.

The dogs are so desperate that they even resort to CANNIBALISM! Half eaten corpses are strewn everywhere.


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Even more sadly, some of these dogs were once pets! (The area is notorious for people dumping unwanted animals, and these poor creatures have no chance of survival in the decrepit conditions.)

As soon as we found out about this awful situation, we started to help. We have been feeding dogs there for four years now and, working with Turkish officials, are making slow progress towards a long-term solution, but there are just so many dogs!

We feed as many as we can but, even in the best of times, it’s a struggle…

Now that the coronavirus has struck, Turkey is in lockdown… and many of the food sources the dogs rely upon have dried up.


We have promised emergency food aid and we desperately need your help to save as many dogs as possible from starvation and death. With your support, the dogs will have hope.

Animals really need your help in this time of corona fear and uncertainty. All of us are worried about the situation; can you imagine how frightened and worried homeless animals must be?

Please donate as generously as you can now so we can end the torment of Turkey’s dogs in distress during this corona crisis.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. Without our help, these dogs will starve. Please make a donation today – whatever amount you are able to afford - so we can rush emergency food aid to these poor dogs!

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