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We need your help today!

We have just discovered a desperate situation on the tourist island of Lombok in Indonesia. 60,000 street dogs are suffering horrendous lives of wanton cruelty, neglect and mistreatment by uncaring islanders. It never ceases to amaze us that people can be so horribly cruel to animals.

Dogs are being clubbed to death, shot and deliberately hit and left for dead by malicious drivers!


Dogs roam the island, sick and injured, scrounging for scraps, slowly starving to death. Some local people actually aim to hit street dogs with their vehicles and leave them to die in agony.

And the authorities do nothing – dogs are suffering and are mercilessly beaten while they stand idly by. In Lombok, dogs are considered a nuisance and it’s considered just fine to let them suffer and die.

After being alerted by an animal lover, we dispatched a team to the island.

they saw a crime so foul, they were distraught and sickened to their stomachs

A poor dog had annoyed someone on a tourist beach.

Someone clubbed him, broke his back and left him crawling along the beach, yelping in agony.


Gde Sudiina is a veterinarian doing his best to end tragedies like this. He runs Lombok Animal Rescue, an animal rescue and shelter sanctuary - he’s a beacon of hope in a very gloomy landscape.

This good man receives no help from local authorities and finances the shelter from his very small veterinary practice - but he is tightly stretched.

165 dogs are constantly in need of food, surgery and medicines.

We immediately provided emergency funding and have promised to ask our supporters for more. Your donation will give the dogs of Lombok, at least, a glimmer of hope. Because of your kindness, some lucky dog, whose life is now hell, may get a life-saving operation or medical treatment or sanctuary, far away from monsters who club dogs to death for fun.

We know you are an animal lover and want to do all you can to help, so please if you possibly can, make a generous donation to Network for Animals today.

Before we sign off, let us tell you about just one dog. We named her Vanessa, after one of our volunteers. Vanessa was a cadaverous skeleton found starving, weak, and emaciated.

Vanessa nursed her puppies with the last bit of life she had left.


Vanessa was rescued and taken to the Lombok shelter where she is being treated and, with your help, will never have to fear death again. A kind and loving home is being sought for her and her puppies.

While sometimes we animal lovers lose our faith in humans, we never lose faith in dogs. Vanessa is just one reason we do what we do. She is an example to us all - a loving, selfless dog who prepared to lay down her life for her puppies. How can we not help her and all the other dogs in Lombok?

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. It’s not easy fighting for animals. There is just so much cruelty and too few people working to end it, but we really do have to try - nothing is impossible if we work together. Please help us continue our fight for animals and donate today.

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