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In the ancient town of Palermo in Sicily, dogfighting with pit bulls is taking place on a massive scale.

Dogs tear each other to pieces while cheering crowds look on!

Gamblers bet huge sums on which dog will successfully rip other dogs apart in bloody brawls.

Local people’s beloved pets are stolen, and strays abducted to act as bait to train pit bulls to become ferocious killers.

Can you imagine your sweet, innocent pet being used as a bait dog, to be ripped to bloody pieces and then left to slowly die in agony from their wounds?

We are fighting people who show no mercy for animals. The bloodier the dog fights the more the gangsters like it.

My team recently visited Lega del Cane in Palermo, a dog shelter run by volunteers who try their very best to help. But we urgently need your support to do more – for rescues, food, veterinary care.

We rescued two fighting dogs from gangsters and provided them with a new home at the shelter. The poor dogs are so badly traumatized that they cannot be near other dogs, alternately quivering in fear and then preparing to fight for their lives.

They are so scared that we had to build a special extension to the shelter where they can be kept while the slow process of rehabilitation and socialization begins.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Dogfighting is an evil scourge that is spreading its malevolent tendrils far and wide. We have to fight it… and with the help of animal lovers like you, we will. Please give generously today so we can continue the fight.

For the animals,

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