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On the Greek island of Crete, the Souda Shelter Project in Chania cares for 100 abandoned and abused dogs, many whom serve as therapy dogs for traumatized soldiers. Outrageously, local authorities say they will CLOSE THE SHELTER… because they “don’t like where it is located!”.

Authorities have said it is illegal to tell you which countries’ soldiers benefit from the therapy dogs. We can tell you that both the United States and Greece have bases in Crete.

It boggles the mind that heartless bureaucrats could pull the plug on the dogs and humans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that the dogs comfort. Chania’s previous mayor supported the shelter, but there’s a new mayor and now the Veterinary Department of Chania says it is issuing legal papers to shut it down.

If the shelter closes the dogs will be killed!


Help us to take action by donating today!

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The good people at the Souda Shelter Project are beside themselves with worry for the poor animals who may face death if the shelter is forced to close. Sadly, the solution proposed by many authorities is to kill street dogs.

Because of the corona crisis, Souda is financially stretched and we have promised to ask our supporters to help fight to keep the shelter going and find a solution with the authorities. We can only do this if you help us. So, if you possibly can, please make a donation today.

The threats come at a time when street dogs need our help now more than ever. Since the coronavirus pandemic tightened its grip around the world, viciousness against innocent animals has dramatically increased. The number of neglected, abused and abandoned dogs and cats in Greece has spiralled during the crisis.

Dogs plucked from torment now face death!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Sia - horrifically abused, burned, and left for dead before being rescued - is one of the many dogs at the Souda Shelter who now face the prospect of being killed because of uncaring authorities.

When Sia was rescued, she had suffered terrible burns at the hands of humans who threw acid on her back. With lots of medical care, her wounds healed, but physical scars aren't the only ones that leave marks.

Sia was emotionally damaged - petrified of people to the point where she’d cower in fear if someone came too close to her. Healing emotional scars requires constant work - and that's not easy! But, with lots of love from soldiers who also understand suffering, Sia will become a happy, healthy pooch. If it weren’t for the Souda Shelter Project, Sia would be dead.

Ideally, the Souda Shelter Project would like all its dogs and cats to be suitably homed for life and cared for by responsible owners. Instead, the dogs face the real prospect of being killed.

We know that saving the dogs will be difficult but letting them die is simply not an option. That’s why we need your help.

Please donate today so we can help this tremendous cause. 

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. if you could meet the friendly dogs who welcome visitors to the shelter, all hoping to give and receive love, you would join us in wondering how people could be so cruel as to threaten the existence of these loving creatures. Add to that: The these dogs comfort people in need - it’s a disgrace! Please be generous today so we can continue to help them.

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