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It breaks our hearts, but we simply must tell you today the tragic story of a baby donkey and how we hope to help this appallingly abused creature. Time is of the essence and we desperately need your help.

What we are about to share brought tears to our eyes. Children found an abandoned baby foal in a field near a small town in Israel (perhaps in this case, “monsters” is a more descriptive word because what they did is utterly sickening).

They found an old chair… and some sticks… and began…

They pummelled the poor baby so hard that they…
BROKE THE CHAIR ON HER BACK she experienced a rectal prolapse!


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The innocent foal’s life was spared thanks to some good Samaritans who saw what was happening and chased the children away before they succeeded in killing her. The witnesses called our partner, Starting Over, a donkey sanctuary - and volunteers immediately hurried to the rescue.

Her rescuers named the baby Nicky and rushed her to intensive care. It was touch and go but the good news is that we were able to save the little foal’s life! She is still in intensive care at the shelter in Beit Dagan and, because her recovery will be slow and painful, she will remain there for some time.

Nicky is only about four months old and severely underweight. She weighs just 119 pounds (54 kilos) and should weigh closer to 180 pounds (80 kilos).

Nicky’s treatment will be costly, and her recovery time will be long. But if you know anything about Network for Animals, you will have no doubt about our commitment to help animals - no matter how difficult the situation. We urgently need to raise funds to help save Nicky's life. Please be as generous as you possibly can today - Nicky needs our immediate support now.

Nicky is in URGENT need of expert veterinary care (and generous love and patience) and with your donation, we will be able to give it to her.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We’ve told you before about the desperate state in which many donkeys find themselves in parts of Israel. Animal cruelty like this is extreme but, sadly, not uncommon - and not just in Israel and Palestine. Many people around the world do not see donkeys as creatures who feel pain and suffer - and don’t hesitate, and even enjoy, whipping, beating and hurting them in myriad ways.

We tried to find out where Nicky came from, with no success. All we know is that she was abandoned. The cruelty was reported to police, but sadly nothing was done. They said they had “more important priorities.”

Well, if you are an animal lover and we know you are, you know that is not our attitude. Every animal life matters. That is why our work is so important and why we must give help to Nicky and all the other helpless, innocent creatures who need it.

We will always be there to help an animal in need.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

It's hard to imagine how young children could be so cruel. The need for us to increase our help in Israel is very evident. Our strategy is two-fold: to come to the direct aid of animals on the ground and, of critical importance, to educate children about the importance of animal welfare.

Hopefully, if we can spread the word to enough youngsters, cruelty like that inflicted upon poor Nicky will cease to exist. Your donation will go a long way to making that happen while also giving Nicky a chance.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Some organizations have reduced their worldwide aid to donkeys because of the COVID crisis. We remain fully committed to helping donkeys everywhere and have increased our aid in several countries including Israel, Jordan, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Fighting the global donkey crisis is an ongoing battle and requires massive resources. We can only achieve real and lasting change together so please help us help Nicky and so many other donkeys in need by making a generous donation today.

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