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We bring you URGENT NEWS from Greece: our team was viciously attacked while trying to help donkeys on the Greek island of Santorini.

We really need your help today!

Last year, Network for Animals helped expose the shocking cruelty inflicted on the donkeys there. The authorities promised the donkeys food and water, and no heavy loads.

A year later, nothing has been done and the cruelty to donkeys continues without mercy.

While our team was trying to film the donkeys laboring up a 1,000-foot cliff, carrying heavy tourists, two team members were savagely attacked by a wild group of ten, stick-wielding men.

Our team was shoved and kneed, while being threatened as they were pushed towards the cliff edge…

Horrifyingly, the attackers tried to throw a team member off a 1,000-foot (300 meter) cliff, until an NFA team member rescued him.

Sadly, that's how they deal with donkeys once they are worn out. The owner will lead the animal to the edge of the cliff and throw it down. These men feel nothing for life.

They tried to do the same to us!

Santorini’s donkeys are mistreated every day. They are made to climb the steep cliff, in the baking sun with no food or water, often carrying heavy, overweight tourists.

The authorities promised that they would stop it, but it’s now one year later and nothing has been done. The donkeys are as badly-off as ever, still forced to repeatedly climb the cliff in the baking sun, and still without food or water (so they won’t soil the path and upset tourists!).

This terrible abuse of animals in the name of tourism needs to STOP!

Network for Animals will continue the fight to help the donkeys of Santorini, but we need your support to do so.

Please donate generously today so we can take the fight to the highest levels.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Please help us today – your support will enable us to keep intense pressure on authorities in Santorini and lead to an end to the abuse, and a life of peace and dignity for the donkeys.

PPS: The horrible truth is that around the world, those of us who fight for animals are increasingly at risk of our lives. Where will it end? But with your help, we WILL continue the fight.

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